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Madhaus Services

At Madhaus Studios, we offer a range of services at the hope of providing for all of our clients needs including the following:

Along with the above services Madhaus Studios are able to network with Consultants and Professionals across all trades to provide you with the service you require.


Development Applications

All developments require a submission of some sort, whether it is to your local council or to a private certifier for a complying development.

For all applications plans, elevations and a range of other literature is required to be submitted in order to go to the building stage.

The development application process is where the planning of your living space, design of your home and the budget come into play where a builder will quote on the cost of your build to assist you with future planning your finances and also gives an estimation on the build time

Home Design


Designing a home is the clients best chance at designing their future home where they hope to live in and enjoy for a very long time.

It is also Madhaus Studios ambition to provide that for our clients, to design a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing but easy to live in with energy efficient design options with the integration of passive living.

The design of each home is unique for every client, this why project homes are a big risk, because your getting a home designed with an Agenda for maximuim profits for the builder and quickest way possible to build a home to get the inhabitants in so the builder can move onto the next project.

Madhaus Studios wants to design your home, for you and your families needs.


Duplex Design

Looking to develop on your existing land and come out ontop with a paid off house to live in, with next no or no mortgage after the build?

Building a duplex has become one of Sydneys biggest markets with a population increase, projected that an extra 1 million people will be occupying Sydney over the next 8 years than there is a need for more supply.

While the Australian dream has now became every nationalities Dream, for a large home with a backyard, then a duplex provides just that but for two families not just one, on the same piece of land.

Duplex design is sensitive as it looks to insure the privacy of both inhabitants and that life can go on as you would in your own home.

Madhaus Studios can design attached, semi detach and detached duplex design options depending on your site and surrounding environment.

Don't know if your able to build a duplex on your site? Then contact Madhaus Studios for a feasibility report and we will let you know what you can and can not do.


Alterations & Additions

Have an existing home, apartment, villa and want to make changes because you don't want to knock down and rebuild.

Madhaus Studios can design and submit to council or a private certifier your plans required.

With Alterations & Additions, there is the option to extend your ground floor, add on a balcony, add on a second storey?

Possibilities are endless and Madhaus Studios can advise on what can and can't be done with a feasability report tailored to your site.


Multi Residential Developments 

Have the financial backing to go big? or want to propose a development oppurtunity to your fellow neighbours or a group of investors?

Madhaus Studios can create a design for presentation and analysis for all parties interested, giving plans, elevations and 3D schematics on what is being proposed. 

The plans created can then be given to a builder to estimate for a build cost and to a lender in order to coincide with your business plan to project the financial gain to all parties involved.


DA for change of business Use ,Interior Design & Shop Drawings

Have an internal living space or opening up a new shop and need help with your design?

Madhaus Studios has interior design experience with both internal living spaces and Shop fitouts to create a personal space to make all users feel comfortable and relaxed.

Have a walk into Madhaus Studios own office space and see how you feel. 

Madhaus Studios design to the uniqueness of every clients needs for their own living space or their place of business.

All designs will be presented in Plans, Elevations with 3D Schematics to visualise the space before its even created.